Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Projects

Contacting a new client, we have to prove our abilities and showcase our proficiency, so a short test translation, along with translation work samples will certainly show the level of translation quality and prove our experience. Here at Shaolin Translation we offer much more than pure translation, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, as our goal is to be the first choice for our partners. Having your work translated should not be underestimated, if you don’t want to end up paying more for low quality, and we can effectively manage your translation projects.


We offer technical translation, such as user manuals, into any language. Providing evidence of the level of service we deliver is essential and a great way to highlight the perks of working with us. Our translation portfolio aims at providing tangible proof of our skills following specific recommendations and including some samples which will please even the most sophisticated prospects.


We cater to clients from numerous European countries as well, cooperating with translators from all parts of the US, as well as partnerships with 40 translation firms in Western Europe. If you are looking to position your product on a new market, we provide high-quality translations of advertising documents, catalogues and much more. We look at our portfolio as a marketing tool, boasting excellent credentials and top testimonials with samples that span across different subject areas.


Providing information about the context of our samples will help you understand the added value of our work and the key general highlight of the samples, as service providers. We also provide extensive language support during expansions to new markets as we are aware that a strong portfolio can result in increased credibility. In case you want to present your company, we’re experts in HTML and XML files, and we can insert the text straight into the required format.


Our expertise includes translation assignments such as source language, editorial translation, transcreation, marketing brochures, company statements as well as knowledge areas and domains such as patents and solar energy production, supporting thus our unique selling points. Our samples don’t include personal data, but only information that the client has explicitly agreed to the use in our portfolio, as we pay great attention to protecting confidentiality of the end customer and brand. Our project portfolio includes translation for a top Denver escort review Website featuring some of the world’s greatest escorts, which has been built on WordPress, incorporating a Member Management plug-in for mobile phones. It is one of the most popular things these days, as the girls who have this job earn a lot of money, especially if they have the skills. If one doesn’t have a companion he always has the option to request the services of an escort agency, especially in the US, as they can be found at almost every corner.


Providing bespoke English-to-Italian interpreting and in US and Italy, we have a mission to build bridges so if you have a project we could work on together simply contact us.

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