All about Escort Interpreting

An expert team of professional certified escort interpreters will be needed for meetings, in order to remain confident and fully understand what goes on at all times. Many of you are most likely planning to travel, so you may be planning to experience a different culture or country that you do not understand, where you’ll meet with the frustrations and difficulties that come with a language barrier. Escort interpreters are usually called for informal encounters and accompany the clients at all times from receiving them at the airport to booking tours or meetings and going shopping, and usually use the consecutive interpreting method that doesn’t need any special equipment.


Escort interpreting is typically more informal and may be performed via simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, as he is there to make sure that the client understands what is being said. They are usually friendly people who will always keep all your business matters confidential and become the tools that will facilitate your job, making you feel more comfortable, as they are always open to any request and willing to adapt to your specific projects in any language of the world. It should go without saying that you want one who knows in detail the area and can get you from the airport to your hotel and recommend places to eat, so professionalism is important.


To schedule a professional escort interpreter, you can contact us any time. Hiring an escort interpreter may be to your advantage, as it is there to interpret everything that a client says also to interpret everything that is said from the foreign language, so mainly to make sure both the client and those around understand each other. Escort Interpreting is known as travel interpreting and is generally used where a language other than the one that the client speaks occurs, often a cultural liaison which will help the client navigate things, from ordering food to closing a business deal.


When hiring one, you want to be sure he knows the local idioms and dialects, so he must not only be bilingual, but also fully fluent, ideally rose as a native speaker. Some examples of meetings where it may be used are interviews, guided visits, dinners, or international fairs, and preparation for this kind of interpreting requires no technical equipment, but mainly an expert in language, because the conversation will be free flowing. It is important to look for an escort interpreter that is personable and maintains professionalism throughout the interactions, since you will be depending on them to help make your international trip a success and navigate any location for business.


These interpreters may accompany clients and act as cultural liaisons, often used for meet-and-greet, a sightseeing tour or event hosting for an individual or a group of people. Beyond language, you want a good qualified escort interpreter that is has had in-depth experience living in both cultures to avoid any cultural confusion, one who can give advice to save the embarrassment that can come from misunderstandings.

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