A List of the Most Successful Expert Translation Companies

The ongoing digital transformation, whether it’s international marketing campaigns, cross-border business contracts or global online support services, depends on fast translation services with speed and versatility. 2018 was a good year, as things were on a smooth sail for the translation services which did well, mostly because many of the Professional Translation Services companies had a human touch. Few businesses today can afford to ignore overseas markets, which are now too important to be left to chance, so a translation company can help clients in their own languages in a way that is culturally appropriate.


Any business that you start is like a child you nurture and stand with through all the bumps, a piece of your heart and you want nothing but the very best for it, so when it comes to translation you do not have to fret over the choices. Translation service providers accurately convert text or audio which differs from interpretation, allowing translators more time to effectively consult any resources, as it can be more time consuming than interpretation. It seems strange, but people want their experience to be human-like, that is why translation services provide quality and accurate human translations.


Translation services help businesses connect, as well as individuals with certified translations of official documents such as birth certificates, but they vary in their industry specifications and turnaround time. We have been living in a digital age and we are dwelling in a world where major cities have turned into global communities where people are constantly interacting with each other, which becomes a major problem for a routine life. This is why we’ve come up with a comprehensive comparison of number and quality of translation services and work experience.


Providers translate between numerous languages when necessary and companies that frequently require translation may employ an in-house translator when working with less common languages. So without further ado, check our top translation companies that rocked 2018, note their names down and approach one of them.


  1. Babylon Professional Translation

They have a fast turnaround and around the clock customer services. Perhaps the oldest service provider, it has been in the game for so long because they have managed to do great things while providing competitive rates with amazingly high quality, with a crowdsourcing system.


  1. Straker Translations

The quality of the translation is really good and any changes required are the same day, offeing DTP services to the client, although some clients about having to change the design to fit the place it was originally placed in. One of the most successful translation services companies, it has 20 global offices in nine countries around the world, 24/7 seven days a week customer support to their clients, they are very proactive with their services, specializing in translation for individuals.


  1. Stepes

Trusted by the world’s leading businesses, it provides super fast Translation Services globally. Stepes provides accurate translation services such as online document translation in various industries.


  1. Rev

Rev provides on-demand transcription services with 99%+ accuracy guaranteed, typically delivered same day.

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