Translating and Interpreting Services: First Steps

If you want to become a freelance translator, already work for a language services company or you have used translating services, please feel free to share your experiences. Being fluent is only the first step and it requires practice and training, so below there are some good guidelines for you to follow. Continue reading “Translating and Interpreting Services: First Steps”

All about Escort Interpreting

An expert team of professional certified escort interpreters will be needed for meetings, in order to remain confident and fully understand what goes on at all times. Many of you are most likely planning to travel, so you may be planning to experience a different culture or country that you do not understand, where you’ll meet with the frustrations and difficulties that come with a language barrier. Continue reading “All about Escort Interpreting”

A List of the Most Successful Expert Translation Companies

The ongoing digital transformation, whether it’s international marketing campaigns, cross-border business contracts or global online support services, depends on fast translation services with speed and versatility. 2018 was a good year, as things were on a smooth sail for the translation services which did well, mostly because many of the Professional Translation Services companies had a human touch. Continue reading “A List of the Most Successful Expert Translation Companies”

Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Projects

Contacting a new client, we have to prove our abilities and showcase our proficiency, so a short test translation, along with translation work samples will certainly show the level of translation quality and prove our experience. Here at Shaolin Translation we offer much more than pure translation, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, as our goal is to be the first choice for our partners. Continue reading “Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Projects”